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to every Internet Marketer
who has ever uttered the words....
"Where the
did I put
that file?"
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From Michael Johansen & Alex Goodall

Dear Internet Marketing Colleague,

I have a simple question for you to ask yourself:

Which of these would you rather use to
organize your Internet Marketing
downloads and information?

Would you prefer your home-grown folders, designed by you as you went along?

If so, then this is most likely what you get...
  • Something virtually impossible to unravel
  • Folders that mix up Subject and Type
  • A headache trying to find anything
  • Unprincipled disorganization
  • Lots of lost $ in wasted time
  • Lots of lost $ in re-purchases
  • And even more lost $ in unused assets
Or would you rather prefer something purpose-designed by one of the UK's most experienced Knowledge Management experts?

If so, then this is what you get....
  • 314 Folders - a definite place for every single download
  • A structure that has withstood the test of time (used by hundreds of people for 4 years)
  • A best-practice guide (PDF)
  • The basis for even more advanced, feature-rich organizing tools
  • Lots of time and money saved
Expert Guide to Organizing Internet Marketing InformationI will get you Free Access to the IMI Organizer and the
The Expert Guide To Organizing Internet Marketing” eBook by Alex Goodall for absolutely Free...

Yes, I'm completely seriously here. At no point in time will you have to pay me a single penny!

I've personally used IMI Organizer every day since early 2009, and today I wouldn't know how to live without it!!!

Don't waste another moment being dis-organized.
Get control of your hard drive right now!

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To your organized, efficient and profitable future!

Michael Johansen
Michael Johansen
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